The goal of this assignment is to have elementary Italian students review important grammar points before the final by teaching the points to their classmates during a review session. I will assign each student a grammar point and they will have to teach it to their classmates using a visual presentation (powerpoint/prezi/etc...). They need to outline the basic ideas behind this structure and point out irregular forms as well as include helpful tips for remembering the rules they are teaching. Since this is an additional project to what is on the syllabus and it is right before finals they are not required to give the presentation in Italian but extra credit will be given to those who do use Italian and all students will have to call all of the grammar rules and parts of speech by their Italian names and give example sentences. Then the other students will have to comment after the class if anything was missing or if they have further suggestions as to how to remember certain points. Since all of the students will have to create a visual aid for their presentation they will also post this to a folder on Courseworks so that these files will serve as an aid to all of the students while they are studying for the final.

The goals for this observation are to get feedback on how well the students take control of the class and ownership of the grammatical point they are presenting. It is important to measure the amount of times the instructor needs to intervene and how often the students themselves offer suggestions or continue the discussion. The students will also have to complete a short survey (questions below) on the usefulness of this assignment both as an exercise and as a way of generating study materials for the final.

We will implement a survey that assesses the usefulness of the 50 minute peer-review class. The aim of the review is to encourage students to voluntarily help each other and offer their own knowledge and/or tools for studying Italian. As this is a review, Allison will strike a balance in the use of Italian and English.

Survey Questions:

Did this assignment help you review grammar points and prepare for the final exam?
On a scale of 1-5 how helpful was:
-Preparing your presentation
-Listening to and having access to other students’ presentations
What was the most useful aspect of this assignment?
What do you think could have been changed?
Are you planning on using these presentations to study? (1-5 scale)
Please rate how likely you are to use the following resources to study (same 1-5 scale)
Textbook/ class notes & handouts/ peers/ outside resources/ tutor

Proposed timeline:

To do
Week of Nov 11
Allison sends Brenda assignment instructions for feedback
on clarity and expectations
Week of Nov 18
Allison tells students about assignment and lets them know
that there will be an observer, and that the session will be videotaped
Dec 4th
Observation of class
8:45 - Brenda arrives to Hamilton
9:00 - Class begins

Twelve students give a 1-2 min presentation each on their grammar topic.

Presentations will be videotaped

Brenda will keep track of the following using the table provided below (tally marks):
  • How often Allison has to clarify points
  • How often students use textbook terms vs. their own terms/phrases
  • How often students demonstrate ownership of the material
  • How presenters respond to suggestions and/or corrections from their peers
  • Number of questions for clarification

9:50 - Class ends
After class, an anonymous, mandatory survey will be administered through Courseworks and students will be given 24 hours to complete it.

Tracking Table

Number of times
Presenter 1
Presenter 2
Presenter 3
Presenter 4
Presenter 5
Presenter 6
Presenter 7
Presenter 8
Presenter 9
Presenter 10
Presenter 11
Presenter 12
Allison speaks

Phrase/word bank used

Student uses own terms/phrases

Student demonstrates ownership,
e.g. "I realized...", "I think..."

Google Drive folder of evaluation forms: