Caroline Marvin is a third-year Ph.D. student in the Psychology department. Her current research aims to figure out more about curiosity – how it works and how it affects subsequent memory. The idea is to explore whether we view information that we’re curious about as a reward, i.e., in the same way we might view money or chocolate. She is looking at how curiosity might change across the lifespan; She has examined undergraduates and older adults, and she is looking to start studies in adolescents.

This was a very valuable exercise for me as a teacher. I think, in many ways, the most useful part was the work Ben and I did before the lecture in thinking about what the learning goals would be and how they'd be measured. I think prior to this experience, if I'd been asked to articulate my teaching and learning goals, they would have been rather vague. This experience really forced me to think more concretely about what exactly I wanted to achieve and how exactly I wanted to measure it. I learned so much from the feedback other fellows gave on our plan and from hearing about the innovative ways they were planning to implement and evaluate their learning goals. -- Caroline Marvin

Observation Plans:
Caroline Marvin's observation by Benjamin Hansberry

Benjamin Hansberry's observation by Caroline Marvin