My field is Urban Planning, and my specific research focus is urban food access. My work concerns the ways that the City of New York and citywide non-profits attempt to expand access to fresh fruits and vegetables in underserved neighborhoods, and reveals how those with power and agency define problems in ways that are often out-of-step with the concerns of residents of low income neighborhoods. This work mobilizes various understandings of environmental justice, public health, biopower, and neoliberal behavior modification programs to critically analyze the work currently being done in New York.

I really enjoyed having an observer in the classroom – it was really fun to show what is a very private world to someone else. She confirmed that the class felt like a good space, which was encouraging. The process of thinking through what it was about my teaching that I wanted to improve (and what could be observable) was helpful, and her observations reveal clear truth statements that I’ve been able to ascribe action items to.

Observation Plans:
Dory Kornfeld's observation by Maria John

Sofia Gans's observation by Dory Kornfeld