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I participated in the Teagle Fellows program during my fourth year as a PhD candidate in Columbia’s Italian Department and Institute for Comparative Literature and Society. My research interests include medieval Italian literature (particularly Boccaccio and Dante), the medieval short story, and legal and economic history. In my dissertation I examine the intersection of law, literature, and gender in medieval culture, with a focus on Boccaccio, offering a reading of texts like the Decameron in the context of medieval law. I’m interested in how these two textual bodies, literary and legal, participate in the construction of gender roles within society. I have completed the Certificate in Feminist Scholarship at Columbia’s Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality; this interest in issues of gender informs not only my writing and research, but also my approach to pedagogy.

As a Teagle Fellow, I found it fascinating to observe a class in an area so removed from my field of experience. The unfamiliarity of the subject matter allowed me to focus more intently on the structure of the activity and class and the interactions between students. Seeing my partner's class in action has inspired me to incorporate more peer-teaching activities into my classroom, since I was reminded of how successful they can be. The feedback from our fellow Teaglers and from the Library's Assessment Coordinator was extremely helpful as we conceptualized the observation, and has given us both lots to think about for future pedagogical initiatives.

Observation Plans:
Grace Delmolino's observation by Cara Rock-Singer

Andrea Heyman's observation by Grace Delmolino