Holly Myers is a PhD student in Slavic Languages and Literatures, with a major in Russian Literature and a minor in Central Asian Cultures. Her research interests include twentieth-century Soviet literature, contemporary Russian-language literature, cinema, musicology, and gender studies.

I expected the peer observation to help me identify ways to improve my teaching. I was surprised to see that I learned just as much, if not more, about my teaching process before the observation occurred. Working with my Teagle partner to develop the observation plans for both of our lessons helped me think through and clarify my teaching objectives, reevaluate my expectations, choose different teaching techniques to fit different parts of a lesson, as well as anticipate and avoid pitfalls. My experience as a Teagle Fellow taught me that a well-constructed observation plan is an important and necessary part of any observation, and that, in many ways, the process of developing the observation plan can be just as rich and rewarding as the observation itself. -- Holly Myers

Observation Plans:
Holly Myers's observation by George Aumoithe
George Aumoithe's observation by Holly Myers