New in 2015-16: Peer Teaching Consultants

In the 2015-16 academic year, the Teagle Fellows program will be extended and revised into a new Peer Teaching Consultancy program. As in earlier years, Summer Institute certification is a prerequisite for working as a Peer Teaching Consultant during the academic year. See the Certification information page on this site for details.

About Teagle Fellows

Teagle Fellows at Columbia University apply for appointments after they have participated in the Teagle Summer Institute. These appointments entail participation in a series of workshops in the GSAS Teaching Center successful execution of a teaching observation each semester, and communication back to home departments about the experience. Read more about Teagle Fellow activities and requirements.

2014-15 Teagle Fellows

The Teagle Fellows program at Columbia University in 2014-15 expanded to a cohort of twelve. Once again Teagle Fellows are participating in a series of meetings at the GSAS Teaching Center, pairing up, and planning and executing observations of each other's teaching.

Doctoral students in this year's Teagle Fellows program are observing each other's teaching in the following disciplines: Art History, Urban Planning, History, Sustainable Development, Middle Eastern Studies, Mathematics, Public Health, Religion, Italian, Religion, and Sociology. Their observation plans and reflections, once developed and shared with the Teagle Fellows cohort, will be posted here.

2014-15 Teagle Fellows meetings are described on the GSAS Teaching Center website at Columbia University.

Andrea Heyman,
Belinda Archibong,
Sustainable Development
Grace Delmolino,

Cara Rock-Singer,
Kristin Murphy,
Eric Herschthal,

Maria John,
Dory Kornfeld,
Urban Planning
Kathryne Brewer,
Social Work

Sabrina Hermosilla,
max.jpgMax Shmookler, MESAAS
Sofia Gans,
Art History

2014-15 academic year observations

Fall 2014

Spring 2015

2013-14 Teagle Fellows

Ten graduate students won appointments as Teagle Teaching Fellows at Columbia University for the 2013-14 academic year. They worked in pairs to plan and execute teaching observations. Fellows whose teaching was observed in the Fall 2013 acted as observers in Spring 2014, and vice versa.

Doctoral students in this cohort observed each other teaching in the following disciplines: Psychology, Sociomedical Sciences, History, Chemistry, Biostatistics, Music, Anthropology, Slavic Languages, Italian, and English.


2013-14 academic year observations

Observation teams

Observation plans


Philip Rodenbough, Chemistry


Candace Cunard, English
Candace Cunard's observation
by Philip Rodenbough

Philip Rodenbough's observation
by Candace Cunard


George Aumoithe, History


Holly Myers, Slavic
Holly Myers's observation
by George Aumoithe

George Aumoithe's observation
by Holly Myers


Matthew Sanger, Anthropology


Kirk Fierick, Sociomedical Sciences
Kirk Fiereck's observation
by Matthew Sanger

Matthew Sanger's observation
by Kirk Fiereck


Benjamin Hansberry, Music
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTP5el3-KYf8PFLDgpShIqaw_yCHC3Vgxv_DubuamrAJ__QZRCh
Caroline Marvin, Psychology
Caroline Marvin's observation
by Benjamin Hansberry

Benjamin Hansberry's observation
by Caroline Marvin


Brenda Chang, Biostatistics


Allison DeWitt, Italian
Allison DeWitt's observation
by Brenda Chang

Brenda Chang's observation
by Allison DeWitt