Andrea Heyman is a PhD student in Mathematics. Her research interests include representation theory, low-dimensional topology, and categorification. Andrea teaches knot theory to advanced high school students as part of the Columbia Science Honors Program.

After the overwhelming success of the observed activity, I absolutely plan on incorporating more peer learning activities into my teaching. The students thrived when they got a chance to both explain something new to their peers and challenge their classmates by asking questions. The break from the traditional lecture-based structure was warmly received. The students remained focused and engaged for the duration of the activity and indicated on their surveys that the collaborative environment felt helpful and supportive. While it may be difficult to find another set of topics that lend themselves so well to this particular activity, I plan to incorporate more small group problem-solving even when peer teaching is unfeasible.

Observation Plans:
Belinda Archibong's observation by Andrea Heyman
Andrea Heyman's observation by Grace Delmolino