About certification

This initiative supports certified recognition of participating graduate students. Full participants in the Innovative Teaching Summer Institute receive a letter of certification from GSAS. In addition, certified Institute participants are eligible to apply for Teaching Consultation Fellowships, which entail a stipend and peer teaching observation activities during the academic year.

Summer Institute certification

At the conclusion of the Innovative Teaching Summer Institute, participants in all days of activities will receive a letter of certification from GSAS that can be referenced on c.v.s and other descriptions of pedagogical preparation.

Certified participants will have:
  • Attended the complete summer institute program.
  • Developed an innovative assignment to run in a future course, with evolving ideas documented in a series of posts on the Summer Institute website.
  • Participated in discussions at the Institute in which they share their ideas for this assignment.
  • Drafted teaching statement language reflecting work developed at the Summer Institute.

In addition, Summer Institute participants receive prioritized consideration for competitive GSAS Teaching Center opportunities, such as the Lead Teaching Fellows program, and are eligible to apply for Teaching Consultation Fellowships.

Peer Teaching Consultants

All certified participants in the 2015 Summer Institute will be qualified to apply to be a Peer Teaching Consultant (PTC) for the following academic year.

Peer Teaching Consultants are Columbia University doctoral students who work closely with the Teaching Center and each other during the academic year to better design, measure, and assess elements of teaching. The PTC application process is competitive, and limited to doctoral students who have completed the Innovative Teaching Summer Institute. PTCs are remunerated with a $2,000 stipend for completing training and peer teaching observation activities during the academic year.

Working as a Peer Teaching Consultant entails the following activities:
  • Observing and reflecting on teaching styles and approaches in classrooms at Columbia as well as beyond the university.
  • Partnering with a partner in the PTC program to plan and conduct observations of one another's teaching.
  • Exploring formative assessment tools and approaches (such as surveys, focus groups, interaction tracking, image and video analysis).
  • Defining and measuring standards of inclusive teaching.
  • Developing collegial and targeted conversations with colleagues about pedagogy.

An application round for 2015-16 Peer Teaching Consultants was announced to Summer Institute participants in July, 2015.

Teagle Fellows at Columbia

The Peer Teaching Consultant program is a development of the Teagle Teaching Fellows program that ran at Columbia during the 2013-14 and the 2014-15 academic years. Teagle Fellows worked in pairs to observe each other's teaching, and they posted observation planning work and reflections on teaching observations on websites supporting their work (UNI authorization necessary):

In addition, information about Teagle Fellows and select elements of their work is being made publicly available. See the Teagle Fellows section of this website for details.