My research focuses on adolescent resilience, specifically, methods of engaging future orientation and identity beliefs to strengthen self-regulation, increase engagement in social services, and promote positive outcomes among adolescents involved with criminal justice and/or child welfare systems.

Working with my partner to develop and execute the observation plan challenged me to think more deeply about the concept of student ownership in the learning process – both how to define this construct and how it might be observed in the classroom. During the first observation, I was nervous about whether our approach to tracking the in-class discussion would yield the right information. When we debriefed it was clear that we needed to readjust the tool a bit – while I was able to record the discussion in a nuanced manner, I needed my partner's subject expertise to clarify certain elements, such as when students were drawing from prior class discussions or material to synthesize information. Getting students to actively engage and take responsibility for their learning is something that I have also been concerned about in my own teaching.

Observation Plans:
Kathryne Brewer's Observation by Sofia Gans

Maria John's observation by Kathryne Brewer