Teagle Teaching Fellows activities and deliverables

All certified participants in the Summer Institute are qualified to apply for a structured peer teaching observation program during the following academic year. Note that this program is undergoing revisions in 2015, and will run in the 2015-16 academic year with adjusted requirements and a new name: the Peer Teaching Consultation Program.

Teagle Teaching Fellows are select cohorts of Columbia University doctoral students who worked together to cultivate advanced practices in teaching and peer evaluation. Completion of all Teagle Fellow responsibilities during the academic year was certified and remunerated with a $1,500 stipend. In general, Teagle Fellows:

  • Engaged in post-institute activities (e.g. pair with a peer for evaluation session) and critique classroom activities.
  • Communicated results of Summer Institute and semester-long engagements to peers within departments, via workshop or presentation sessions that are arranged with the help of the Teagle Project Coordinator.
  • Conceived and documented a student-centered assignment to run in the classroom.

Details about Teagle Fellows deliverables are below.
Teagle Fellows deliverables chart.001.jpg
As outlined in the above diagram, Teaching Fellow responsibilities were as follows:

1) Participation in five Teagle Fellows meetings at the GSAS Teaching Center over the course of the academic year.

2) Participation in two evaluation activities during the academic year, as arranged with other Teagle Teaching Fellows, specified in a written observation plan, and approved by and coordinated with the Teagle Project Coordinator:
  • being observed by a Teagle Teaching Fellow (Fall or Spring)
  • observing a Teagle Teaching Fellow (Fall or Spring)

3) Description of the assignment that he or she developed during the Summer Institute for the public website describing the “Preparing Doctoral Students for 21st-Century Teaching” initiative.

4) Presentation to members of his or her home department about your peer evaluation activities, as approved by and coordinated with the Teagle Project Coordinator.

Teagle Fellows work

Teagle Fellows posted and shared observation planning work and reflections on teaching observations on websites at Columbia University (UNI authorization necessary):

In addition, information about Teagle Fellows and selected elements of their work is publicly available here. See the Teagle Fellow observation plans and reflections on this website for details.